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Pricelist of products

Uncle Scrooge Technical and economical care From 120Kč/flat From 4000Kč/house
Harpagon Technical and economical care and accounting From 160Kč/flat From 5000Kč/house
Jeeves Complex care about the house non-stop service From 450Kč/flat From 13 500Kč/house
Golden key Care about rented flats From 10% of rent From 1000Kč/flat

Technical support includes:

Periodic revisal of technical devices
Care about cleaning house and pavement
Solution of repairs and accidants
Recording usage of water

Economical support includes:

Keep rules for rent payment
Evidence of incoming rent
Reminding debtors
Bill of cost for services

Non-stop service means:

Solving accidants whenever
Nnon-stop solving accidants in the flats
Everybody from tenants can search help by custod

Service "Golden key" included:

Care about tenant in rented flat
Collection rent
Reminding debtors
Searching tenant to free flat
You don't pay charge when the flat isn't rented

Next services:

Consultancy Managing discussion in the name of owner out of standard services 750Kč/hour
Administrative Corespondence out of standard services 350Kč/hour
Project management Coordination work, managing of choosing suppliers 450Kč/hour

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