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Facility management Prague

Management service of block of flats consists of four basic types of acts, which we can offer.

Economical support.

Technical support.

Commerical care.


  • Economical support
    • Keep rules for rent payment
    • Evidence of incoming rent
    • Reminding debtors
    • Bill of cost for services
  • Technical support
    • Periodic revisal of technical devices
    • Care about cleaning house and pavement
    • Facility management.
    • Solution of repairs and accidants
    • Recording usage of water
  • Commerical care
    • Check of payment
    • Reminding debtors
    • Searching new tenants to free spaces
    • Care about lease contract
  • Administrative
    • Evidence of tenants
    • Graphs of incoming payment
    • Evidence of debtors
    • Evidence of costs
    • Creating rules for rent payment
    • Statistic of incoming payment
    • Comparing costs and incomes for a flat
    • Survey of owner's property

Bar Saturnin
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